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​Commercial ozone disinfectant (generator)

We handle ozone disinfectants (generators) as the primary distributor of Tamura Teco Co., Ltd.

Ozone has been proven to have a bactericidal effect on new coronaviruses, influenza, norovirus, etc.

With its powerful deodorant effect, it is effective in deodorizing cigarettes, pet odors, mold, and pollen.

Unlike partial sterilization and deodorization with liquids such as alcohol and deodorant sprays, a wide range of sterilization and deodorization with gas decontaminates the entire space. Tamura Teco's ozone products are also active in medical settings such as ambulances.


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Yuki Amami, an actress, has been appointed as a corporate ambassador for Tamura Teco Co., Ltd.

Equipped with a large filter to catch dust in the air. Bacteria adhering to dust are sterilized by the internal ultraviolet lamp. A silent operation mode is also installed on the ozone emission side.


* It is possible to switch between low concentration (manned) and high concentration (unmanned) modes using a timer.


Powerful deodorant and sterilizing power hidden in a compact body. The smallest, lightest and most efficient sterilizing and deodorizing device in the history of Tamura Teco products. The previous model LYON II is installed in the ambulance of the Osaka City Fire Department.

​ * Can be used in a manned space.


In addition to simple operability, it is extremely compact and lightweight, making it convenient to carry.

You can easily carry it around to disinfect and deodorize vacant rooms and cars.

* Please use in an unmanned space.


ON / OFF can be set on the specified day of the week and at the specified time. Ozone can be circulated even in a wide space with a strong air volume. The size is compact and it is convenient to carry.

* Please use in an unmanned space


A 24-hour forced circulation system with an internal fan that switches between low-concentration (manned) and high-concentration (unmanned) modes using a timer. Demonstrates a powerful sterilization and antifungal effect.


Since it is a product that generates ozone, it will be sold after the product is explained.

​​ Please contact us from the inquiry form.

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