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Product safety / CE mark / IEC standard support


Product Safety and Education-For Manufacturing, Distribution and Distributors

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LIST OF SEMINARS --additional topics are available / can be prepared

List of seminars that can be held (other topics can also be held)

Switching Power Supply --Theory of operation

(Operating principle of switching power supply)


Magnetic and capacitive couplers for safe insulation

(Safe separation of magnetic and capacitive couplers)


Functional safety standard ISO 13849 --advanced seminar

(Seminar for advanced users of functional safety standard ISO13849)


Transformer safety --Short-circuit and overload protection

(Transformer safety-short circuit and overload protection)


Transformer safety --Insulation system classification and verification

(Transformer safety-classification and confirmation of insulation system)


Linear Actuator --Characteristics of operation, safety and testing

(Linear actuator operating characteristics, safety and testing)


Mode 4 EVSE --IEC 61851-23

  (Mode 4 EVSE --IEC61851-23)


Power Converting Equipment --Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR)

  (Power converter-Short circuit current rating (SCCR))


EVSE-DC charger (Mode 4) Safety --Short-Circuit Current Rating (SCCR)

  (EVSE DC Charger (Mode 4 Safety-Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR)))


Insulation coordination Level 1

    IEC 60664-1 introduction and general requirements

   (Introduction to IEC60664-1 and general requirements)


Insulation coordination Level 2

    Clearance altitude correction insulation withstand voltage --above 2000m

   (Clearance altitude correction dielectric strength-more than 2000m)


Insulation coordination Level 3

     HF insulation coordination IEC 60664-4

  (HF insulation coordination IEC60664-4)


Power Drive Systems --requires and tests

   (Power Drive System-Requirements and Testing)


Parallel Conductors --current balance monitoring

   (Parallel conductor – current balance monitoring)

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If you have any questions, please contact us.

Dipl.-Ing. Cris Schulze, Manager Products Safety Div.


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